Apply pjur active 2skin to protect delicate areas before your competition or training. As soon as the product is applied to your skin, it forms an invisible protective layer, which strengthens the skin’s cell structure and distributes pressure over a larger area. This can help protect your skin and prevent chafing and blisters, even before they occur. pjur active 2skin is water- and sweat-resistant, unlike conventional creams and sticks, it allows your skin to breathe! Applying pjur active 2skin repeatedly will boost its protective effect and your performance.



2skin bundle (0.68 fl.oz & 3.4 fl.oz)

Our 0.68 fl.oz & 3.4 fl.oz bottles are your loyal companion for exercise! You don’t want to miss this in your sports bag, your car, or at home.

Bundle contains:

(1) 0.68 fl.oz Pump Dispenser

For on-the-go application

(1) 3.4 fl.oz Squeeze Bottle

To refill the pump dispenser

pjur active 2skin is the innovation to prevent chafing and blistering. It instantly creates an invisible protective layer which strengthens the skin’s cell structure and therewith spreads out stress & pressure on the skin over a bigger area.

Since the included silicon molecules do not penetrate into the skin, but remain on the upper layer, 2skin remains lubricating for a long time period and keeps the skin breathable at the same time. Additionally, the gel is water- and sweat-resistant, which also adds to lubrication. The protection of 2skin can be strengthened by applying the product repeatedly.

All pjur active 2skin products are odorless, especially skin-compatible and clear of preservatives.

  • Double effect: lubrication & protective layer
  • Breathable, resistant, ultra-long lasting
  • Water & sweat- resistant

Manufactured according to the pjur SknTec quality standard.

Prepare for Running Season

Stop blisters in running shoes